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Welcome! My name is Quiona J., but most of my clients will refer to me as the girl that does funeral programs, lol. But that is exactly who I am, but I don't look at like a funeral program. To me this is your loved ones last celebration, it is an exit of a major staple of your legacy, which deserves a celebration and definitely one to remember.


On average, each program depending on the size takes me about 4-6 hours, not because I am a slow designer but because I take the time to actually get to know them. I get to know them through their photos, their obituary, the tributes you write, just so I can be sure to get your loved one an amazing celebration, but leave the survivors with an authentic art piece. Wether we are just designing or if we are offering the full legacy collectives print experience we will honor loved one like they are our own family.  Before I go, I am not the only one on our legacy team, we have my family, Ariel, Felicia and Chance. Ariel is our writer and editor, Felicia is the head of logistics and deliveries and Chance collaborates with us on media slideshows. Now let's talk about how we got started...


Every person should have that one special person that can be counted as the wind beneath their wings. That person for me was my grandfather, (name.) There is no one on earth who can compare to him and the impact that he made on my life. My grandfather died in 2006. He was truly my best friend, he never judged me and he always called me his “little girl” even though I am the oldest grandchild. I was blessed to have a grandfather that always supported all my aspirations.  Even when I left Baltimore, he always sent me money every month to help me with my monthly expenses. 


When my grandfather passed away, it crushed me. I was the one at the casket rubbing his hair. I cried, cried, and cried. Some would say I acted a fool, but the truth of it all was I was simply heartbroken and I expressed myself in the only way I knew how. One way to deal with my emotions was for me to design his funeral program. This was my very first one, and what an honor it was. It was a trifold document; very mediocre, but I knew he would have loved it.  I felt proud because that was my last gift to him, and it presented a beautiful opportunity for me to really celebrate his life in true granddaddy fashion.


That one program led me to get my very first job with a company that specialized in funeral programs. And guess what? I have been doing them ever since!

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